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Air Freshener Bundle

Air Freshener Bundle

Car Air Freshener 

Car diffuser is a recharge diffuser designed to keep your vehicle fresh and full of fragrance.  There are three modes of diffusion, each 300s, 90s, 10s each shown by a green, blue or purple indicative light and each bottle will last up the 4 to 8 weeks depending on the mode used. 

Comes with:
  • Three Perfumes - colonge, freesia, channel
  • Perfume Dispenser
  • Type C charging cable


Room Air Freshener

T1 diffuser is a recharge diffuser designed to keep small areas in the range of 50-150m fresh and full of fragrance. The diffuser is ideal to be used in toilets and small rooms. There are five modes of diffusion, each 2mins, 5mins 8mins, 11min, and 15mins each shown by a yellow, blue, green, purple and red indicative lights and each bottle will last up the 3 to 8 weeks depending on the mode used. 

Comes with:
  • Fragrance Diffuser 
  • Chanel Perfume 120ml
  • Type C charging cable
  • 3M Traceless back sticker 
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Long lasting perfumes – The perfume is essential oil based
and will smell the same from the first to your last drop of perfume in the bottle.

Elegant Design – Diffusers are constructed elegantly to suit any designed location

Rechargeable diffuser – The diffuser is rechargeable and
lasts between 30 to 45days on a full charge, the diffuser can be charged using a USB
type C cable

Fragrance modes – Consists of fragrance modes where the fragrance release mode can be customized depending on your preference.


Posted using Auspost, usually delivered within 2 to 15 days.

Setting up Diffusers

1) Open the perfume bottle and remove the cap and the protective cap

2)Screw the perfume bottle into the diffuser and make sure the perfume bottle is tightly secured into the diffuser to prevent any leakage.

3)Long press the on off mode button to turn on and place it in place

4)To change the mode single press the top button and the light will indicate the mode in which the diffuser is in.

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