- How to Use car air freshener?

Screw in the perfume, plug into the car air vent and turn on to enjoy an air freshener like no other. 

- How long does the diffusers last? 

On a full charger the diffuser will last up to 30 days

- How long does the diffuser take to charge?

A full charge will take just 60 to 120 minutes depending on the diffuser

- How long will the perfumes last? 

 Up to 45 days, depends on the mode used


Shipping and Delivery 

- How does shipping and delivery work?

All items will be sent from our Melbourne warehouse within 72hrs of purchasing the item, when the item has been sent you will get an email with the tracking details as well as from who you will be receiving it for example - Australia Post, after the item has been sent, please expect within 2 to 10 days. 

- How much do I pay for shipping?

 We provide free shipping for orders over $80, otherwise it is $10.60 for shipping 

- How do I track my order?

 Go to the website we have used to send the item and go to tracking and use the tracking details to track you item 

- Can I change my shipping address?

 Sure, if the items have not left out warehouse, we are happy to change the address for you 

Returns and Exchanges 

- Do you have a return policy?

 Yes we do, please refer to our refund policy 

- Do I have to pay for returns?

 No, you don't we will take care of it for you 

- How long does it take for my return to be processed?

 The return will be processed immediately as long as a proof of purchase has been attached, if not we will wait for the proof of purchase after requesting you for a receipt. 

- How long does it take for my refund to take place?

 When the refund has been taken care from our end it will take 2 to 5 business days to be processed into your account depending on the bank, if it takes longer, we recommend that you contact your bank. 


- How secure is your payment?

 We are concerned for you privacy and security; we use Shopify payments which are extremely secure and highly encrypted to keep your details safe.

- What payment types do you offer?

 We accept payments such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express as well as other payment modes such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. 

- What currency is your store in? 

All prices in our Australian store are listen in Australian Dollars (AUD)


Contact Us

If you have any problems or recommendations, please contact as help@thecardeo.com